Top ten of the new millennium


Artie Tobia names Something Simple as one of the top ten of the new millennium the first ten years!



Redstone Room - Joseph

Here is a video of Brother Trucker performing Joseph at the Redstone Room in Davenport on April 4th, 2009. Compliments of the River City Reader

Scented Vinyl

Acoustic Performance with Andy and Mike

KCCI Channel 8 Brother Trucker Video

New Day in an Old Town

Becoming Eduardo

Brother Trucker has finished scoring the original music for "Becoming Eduardo," a new film by award winning Sundance Director Rod McCall and New York Times Best Selling Author ("Dangerous Minds") Lou Anne Johnson. The orignal song/theme "Truth or Consequences" used throughout the movie was written, recorded and performed by Andy Fleming, Mike Fitzpatrick and Lyle Kevin Hogue over the summer of 2008. Becoming Eduardo was filmed in New Mexico during July of 2008 in Truth or Consequneces, New Mexico. This score marks the first film work for Brother Trucker, and is our first recorded "instrumental only" music. It is also the first Brother Trucker song written by all three - Andy, Mike and Lyle. Becoming Eduardo will be released very soon.. Please visit to view a Trailer of "Becoming Eduardo". *please note the music used in the trialer is not the Brother Trucker score!

Acoustic Brunch

Brother Trucker will be streaming live on Sunday 2/22 on the Acoustic Brunch. The show runs from 10-12 AM with Brother Trucker expected to start at about 11AM.

Flyover Release

"To-the-bone, passionate musicianship steeped in pan-genre, rock and roll classicism that’s deeply, artfully connected to the very heart and soul of the Iowa/Midwestern experience."

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