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Brother Trucker
Andy Fleming


They fly over the houses Every morning noon and night Looking like diamonds In a sky of powder white The kids in California Don’t even know this place exist Unless they got a second cousin Living back=2 0here in the sticks In the morning drinking coffee in his tiny little place Blows the dust off of the trophy that they when they took state The hottest days of summer at the little park See him pitching to a backstop Until it got too dark Senior year of high school He threw a perfect game After he fell off of a ladder he never threw the same In the evening drinking whiskey in his tiny little place Throws the bottle at the mirror don’t want to see his face Billy is a roofer Working hard through the Fall He’d imagined he be different Making his money playing ball At the Conoco Station You buy cigarettes and coke When your working on a ladder your caffine ain’t a joke And the radio’s just chatter they never play no songs When they tell us about the weather -they always get it wrong In the morning drinking coffee in his tiny little place Billy is a Roofer