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Family Reunion

Brother Trucker
Andy Fleming


On Grandma’s wall there’s a picture of the last family reunion Between JKF and the Pope and her Billy’s first communion Hasn’t slept in her bed since her Lou had The Big One On her living room couch with her Bible and his shot gun Made her famous fried chicken with a side of mash potato’s They all fit in the kitchen with the game on the radio Lou was telling stories about his time in Korea Never fired his weapon - but he ate Kim Chi once And some how there’d be a fight Always about nothing Hear them yelling in the night Arguing about something Like it happened last night More to the truth it was three years ago In a drawer by the stove is where he kept his whiskey You’ll never see her drunk But she replaces it weakly You’ll find her in the kitchen with the gospel on the TV With the sound turned up loud And a picture you can’t see Most noise that kitchen made in years Had a house full of rooms But they’d all sit in here Big Lou told Grandma “Don’t love them boys too hard” The oldest one’s in prison 0A The young one’s in the graveyard The middle child Billy got a skull like a bricks hard That’s his Chevy and his pick up rusting out in the front yard Was a Saturday Night She thought she heard something With a broken flash light and Lou’s loaded shotgun She blew a hole through the night And Billy lay dead in the yard