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Friday Night Fight

Brother Trucker
Andy Fleming


Kicked the shit out of the kid in the AC/DC shirt Behind the big green dumpster of the kitchen of the place he worked Washing dish es with his bloody nose acting like it doesn’t hurt Well the rusted out Duster got a full tank of gasoline Paid his little kid sister two dollars if she’d make her clean The little brat's gonna get it cause there’s empties rolling under the seat McDermit’s in the Malibu jawing out the window At the pretty identical twin sisters sitting in the backseat rolling in a wood panel wagon Muffler and the coat hanger sparking and a sagging The Po-Po on the corner of Clark St. are watching at their 20 miles and hour And the traffic that they’re blocking By the Quick Trip, Come Go, 7 to a 11 got a fresh pack, a 40 ounce sack full of heaven 2nd shift is sinking in the window getting smaller As his pocket burns a hole with his very last dollar His buddies at the bar have been drinking there for hours Hit’s the parking lot needing dinner and shower