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Home Cookin'

Brother Trucker
Andy Fleming


The towns football coach is a widowed ex marine Who drank alone on most nights Down at 48 lanes He puts a buck worth of quarters on G93 Until it drowns out those pins As there favorite song played Do you know what I really miss? Home cooking The kid tending bar is two years out of school Had his first line last summer on his brothers roofing crew Then he starting missing work cause it’s all that he’d do He’s got a far away look - that’d like to cut you into Do you know what I really miss? It’s home cooking. He never leaves any tips Some night they call him a cab He told the kid tending bar Something he’ll never soon forget Said - “Your brother was an asshole - You were better than him.. With his silver front capped tooth - and his shit eating grin… The boy couldn’t catch a cold- he had a china cup chin… I never saw This for you… and it’s a Goddamn sin…” Do you know what I miss ? Home Cookin’