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Joseph (Lost Boy No More)

Brother Trucker
Andy Fleming


She was not the pretty sister No one talked to her too much Worked the counter at the diner Across from City Brake and Clutch In the quiet of her evening In the darkness of her room She would sit beside her window And tell her secret to the moon Today I met a boy named Joseph And though I know it’s not a sin In the eye sight of my father He wont see beyond his skin A boy named Joseph a refugee The land he left was soaked in bloodshed He can’t count the lives he’s lost Sent away for his survival With memories that20pay the cost Drinks his coffee like a trucker With the spoon inside the cup She always brings him extra gravy The cooks in back don’t give enough He always smiles at her sweetly She bought him his first pair of gloves They work on English on his lunch break Her job’s at City Brake and Clutch A boy named Joseph a refugee A different time a different place Her mother and her father shared his fate Happy stories should have no end Like the smile on the face of a friend It gets so cold here in this city But there’s warmth inside her eye’s And the secret kept between them Gives him hope for his new life And her fathers none the wiser To the smile on her face Given to her from a boy Who comes from very far away A boy named Joseph a refugee