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Moving Day

Brother Trucker
Andy Fleming


She’s been crying since they pulled out from the drive All the neighbors waving standing side by side Except her best friend Billy who’s hiding in his bed room crying They got boxes with labels for everything they own From the chip coffee cup to her hot pink telephone There’s not a box big enough to give this pain in her heart a home Thermos full of coffee and some sandwiches on ice Rotated all the tires so you know she’s rolling nice We’re leaving extra early so we’ll be running with the trucks until light Mama’s gonna drive little brother’s pumps the gasoline Mama’s gonna drive little brother pumps the gasoline He can light cigarettes and he’s good when the map needs reading Duct taped up the boom box so the batteries stay in Shoe box full of tapes alphabetically put in A solitary ear plug with a band aid holding the input in For 16 years it’s all she’s known of home Got a mark on the door showing every inch she’s grown Just because sh e’s going don’t mean she wants to go